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Ukiyo-e Collectors

We are publishing the "profiles" of real Ukiyo-e collectors. The goal is to provide insights into the collections of various people, to educate and elevate the visibility of Ukiyo-e collecting. We'd love you to participate!

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Antonis and Gabriel are two artists and researchers who study art based subjects. They are keen on promoting a healthy cultural exchange between people.

Jax has been collecting woodblock prints for the past 2 years. He likes Shin-Hanga the most, but will collect almost any print, in a range of conditions.

Steve has been collecting woodblock prints for 2 years.

Vacaliebres, is a print collector and graphic designer living in Genoa, Italy.

Collector Milton M Ong is a former US Army Major and has been collecting since 1980. Milton collects all forms of Asian art, particularly pieces from Japan and China.

Richard Wilk has been collecting ukiyo-e for 49 years. He is a retired professor of anthropology and food studies with many publications to his name.

Hiro is a novice collector, and has only been collecting for a year.  He loves Japanese culture and ukiyo-e is an essential part of it. He is currently a university student so he's unable to fully

Horishachi has been collecting ukiyo-e since 2006 but he has been a traditional Japanese tattooist since 2001. His favorite Ukiyo-e artists are Yoshitoshi, and "the demon of painting" Kyosai.

Philip Vos Fellman (Shirogitsune) has been collecting for over 30 years. He was introduced to woodblock print collecting by the late Robert O. Muller, Sr.

Ronnie Valle began woodblock print collecting 25 years ago when living in Yokohama. He purchased his first prints, by Kuniyoshi, from a chatty antique dealer near his apartment who was more interes

Sjoerd Bakker studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and is highly fascinated by Southeast Asia and Japan.

Tim is a new Ukiyo-e collector, having only started in 2021. He already has a large art collection so Japanese woodblock prints are another step on his art collecting journey.

Ofer Shagan, a businessman, has been living in Japan since 1989. His passion for art and antiques has led him to travel across Asia acquiring magnificent art objects.

George Serban has a passion for Japanese art, and has been an avid Ukiyo-e collector for ten years. His impressive collection now includes around 2,000 works by 60 Edo and Meiji era artists.

Scott has been collecting, buying and selling Ukiyo-e for 10 years at his gallery called "The Basement Japanese Gallery" located in Salt Lake City.

Chris has only been collecting woodblock prints for 3 years but was initially attracted to ukiyo-e after visiting the British Museum's Shunga exhibition in 2013.

Ron started collecting ukiyo-e in the early 1970's when he lived in Yokosuka Japan.

Ariel has been collecting woodblock prints since 2017. Ariel is also an artist and holds a B.A. and Masters degree.

"The Ukiyo-e Collector" is the alias of this print collector. His favorite artists are Toyohara Kunichika, Kunisada Utagawa, and Yoshitoshi Tsukioka.