The Plasterer Toyokichi

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi 
The plasterer Toyokichi murdering his mistress Oei and her family in anger at her leaving him. Issue #649 of the Yūbin Hōchi Shinbun. In 1875, Yoshitoshi was hired to illustrate a wide variety of mainly sensational news subjects in full color. These prints were added as supplements, or furoku, for subscribers. This variety of print is referred to as Newspaper Nishiki-e" (新 聞 錦 絵, shinbun nishiki-e). The publisher of the Yūbin hōchi shinbun was likely motivated by the success of his competitor, the Tokyo Daily News (Tōkyō Nichinichi Shinbun) where Yoshitoshi's rival, Yoshiiku, was employed as an artist.
Publisher: Yūbin Hōchi ShinbunDate: 1875.
Condition: Very good color and impression, not backed, pinholes on right edge.