Tokyo Flowers and Scenic Spots

Kunichika and Hiroshige III

This is a collaboration print by Kunichika and Hiroshige III  for a series titled “Tokyo Flowers and Scenic Spots” Hiroshige III did these inset images of the scenic spots and Kunichika the main image of the “Tokyo Flowers”, which are alludes to famous people from history and legend. This print shows the character Ichihara Kidōmaru played by Nakamura Shikan" VIII"

The legend is that Kidōmaru struck a wild ox three times on the head and killed it, he then wrapped himself in the skin and lay in wait for his enemy Yorimitsu to pass by. But Yorimitsu saw the strange shaped ox and ordered one of his men to shoot an arrow into it. Then Kidōmaru dropped the ox hide and attacked. Yorimitsu drew his sword and cut off Kidōmaru’s head. It is said that Kidōmaru was so strong that his body kept fighting for a few seconds before collapsing. A great collaborative series.

Condition: Great condition, not backed.

Date: 1875