Ne Brigade, Ninth Group, Nekomatabashi

Kunisada / Toyokuni III

Actor Ichinokawa Ichizô (Ichikawa Ichizô III) as Inumura Daikaku, from the series Flowers of Edo and Views of Famous Places (Edo no hana meishô-e) a collaborative harimaze series. This is one of the most popular designs.

This series pairs kabuki actors with famous areas of Edo and firemen's standards, done in collaboration with several different artists. Toyokuni III created the large actor portraits, while other artists contributed the landscape designs and other scenes across the top. The term "Flowers of Edo" in the title here refers to fires. Each title cartouche features the standard or matoi and lantern of a different Edo fire brigade.

Other artist: Katsushika Isai (Japanese, 1821–1880)

Other artist: Katsushika Hokuen (Japanese, active 1860s)


Publisher: Katôya Iwazô (Seibei) (Japanese)

Date: 1863 

Condition: Not backed, very good color, damage on corners as shown.