Oisu - Twin Brushes

Kunisada and Hiroshige

Series: Twin Brush Tokaido


The Marsh Where Snipe Rise Up and the Hermitage of Saigyō (Shigi tatsu sawa, Saigyō an); Actor Sawamura Sōjūrō III as Soga no Jūrō Sukenari, with Tora of Ōiso

From the series "Sohitsu Goju-san Tsugi" (Twin Brushes Fifty-three Stations). A collaboration work by the two masters, Kunisada and Hiroshige. The landscapes of Tokaido in the upper inset by Hiroshige. The lower part of the print features large figures associated with each station by Kunisada I (Toyokuni III). They often represent a legend, kabuki scene, famous shops, temples, etc.


Condition: Print color saturation and overall condition is very good. Margins as shown. No tears or holes. Print is not backed.

Date: 1854

Engravers: Yokokawa Takejirô (Hori Take, 彫竹)

Publisher: Maruya Kyûshirô