Magaki Heikurô, Tales of the Floating World in Eastern Brocade
Magaki Heikurô

Magaki Heikurô

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Magaki Heikurô, from the series Tales of the Floating World in Eastern Brocade (Azuma nishiki ukiyo kôdan) #5. At the Atago Shrine in 1634, Heikurô brought the shogun a branch of flowering plum from the top of the hill where the shrine stood, riding his horse up and then down the steep stone steps.

The series contains popular stories (kōdon) of drama and violence by various storytellers, as retold by Kanagaki Robun, a native writer of Edo. The red cartouche in the upper corner contains the series title, and at the bottom the name of the story teller. 

Publisher: Sanoya Tomigorô (Kinseidô) 

Date: 1867


Condition: Very good impression and color. Not backed.