Tsushima Province

Hiroshige: Tsushima Province, A Fine Evening on the Coast

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Ando Hiroshige

Tsushima Province, A Fine Evening on the Coast - Beautiful view of Tsushima Province in the Korea Strait between Japan and Korea. It was an important trade route between the two countries as it was only 50 kilometers from Korea. A rainbow arcs high in the sky above the island - beautiful. 

Published between 1853 and 1856 by Koshihei, Hiroshige's fantastic "Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces" series features sixty-nine prints, one for each of the sixty-six provinces of Japan, plus Edo and the two major islands. The series includes some of Hiroshige's most famous designs, such as his dramatic view of the whirlpools at Naruto. The series represents a further development of Hiroshige's landscape print design, including some of his most modern compositions. The striking new use of a vertical format allowed Hiroshige to experiment with the foreground and background contrasts typical of his work, drawing the viewer in while at the same time implying a sense of great distance. The high vantage point of most of the designs allows for sweeping panoramas and expansive views of the beautiful countryside. Skillful bokashi shading also adds unusual depth to many of the images.

From bucolic rural views to busy urban centers, the series beautifully illustrates the Japanese countryside while capturing the flavor of life during the Edo era.


Date: Probably a reprint from the early 20th century. 

Condition: Very Good, vibrant colors, good impression, not backed.