Fifty-Four Chapters of Genji

Matsukaze - Chapter 18

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Toyohara Kunichika


Fifty-Four Modern Feelings (Matched with the Fifty-Four Chapters of Genji): Chapter 18, Matsukaze


The word, Genji, is punned with the Tale of Genji. The popular Genji subjects were applied to the modern-day subjects. People are carrying the sea water buckets. The wind blows among the pine trees on the shore. (Genji gojuyonjo: dai juhachi go, Matsukaze) Toyohara Kunichika hitsu, the date on the left-hand margin, on todoke Meiji - nen - getsu - nichi (respectfuly reporting Meiji - year - month - day) followed by the address of the publisher, Hongin-cho, Ni-chome, Juni banchi (Hongin [Ginza] area, 2nd town, 12th district), his name, Takegawa Seikichi, and the carver's mark Hori Gin, ca. 1884


Condition: Margins as shown, very good condition, a little dirt, backed with Edo era paper.

Date: 1884

Publisher: Takegawa Seikichi