Lady Kasuga 春日局

Ginko: Lady Kasuga Fighting the Robbers

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Adachi Ginko

Lady Kasuga 春日局, Kasuga no Tsubone, a noblewoman from a prominent samurai family, was the wet nurse of the shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu (徳川家光) and one of the most important political figures of the Edo period. She was also famous for her resolute temperament and, in fact, here the artist depicts her during a legendary episode in her life, in which she cut with her sword two robbers who had broken into the residence of her then husband Inaba Masanari (稲葉正成).

The large vertical format woodblock print, produced in August 1886 by the publisher Sasaki Toyokichi (佐々木豊吉), is entitled “Kasuga no Tsubone” (春日局) and is taken from the series “Mirror of Renowned Women from Ancient and Modern Times” (古今名婦鏡), made by the artist Adachi Ginko (安達吟光).

Condition: Very good color, borders as shown, not backed.

Publisher: Sasaki Toyokichi

Date: 1886