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Shinza the Barber

Shinza the Barber

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An 1873 Tokyo domestic play (sewamono) by Kawatake Mokuami.  Its formal title is Tsuyu Kosode Mukashi Hachijo (Rainy Season Kimono and Old-Time Silks). It is commonly known as Kamiyui shinza (Shinza the Barber).  Based on a 1727 incident, it tells of a love affair between shop assistant Chushichi and Okuma, daughter of a lumber dealer, which is disrupted when Okuma’s mother, seeking to get out of debt, arranges a marriage for her to someone else.  A rascally barber, Shinza, learns of the lovers’ planned elopement and kidnaps the girl en route, using the situation to extort money for her release.  Eventually, Shinza’s devious ways lead to his death.

Condition: Margins as shown, very good condition, not backed.


Date: 1893?

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