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Zenjibö (Soga’s Youngest Brother) Trying To Commit Suicide
Series; Soga Monogatari Zue, #27 (The Revenge of the Soga Brothers), circa 1845

Hiroshige's Illustrations from the Soga Monogatari Zue - Wonderful image from an unusual historic series by Hiroshige illustrating the famous tale of the Soga Brothers. Based on a true story, the father was murdered in 1175 when the brothers were aged three and five. In 1193, they finally avenged his death, killing his assassin during a hunting party at the foot of Mt. Fuji during a pouring rainstorm. This legendary story of honor and heroism was a favorite during the Edo era, and a subject for countless artists and playwrights.


Condition: Margins as shown, great condition, not backed, a couple of pin holes. 

Date: 1844-47

Publisher: Ibaya Senzaburō (Dansendō)