Fuji Sanjurokkei no Uchi

The Thirty-six Views of Mt.Fuji

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Tomikichiro Tokuriki

Fuji Sanjurokkei no Uchi (The Thirty-six Views of Mt.Fuji). Mt. Fuji is shrouded in the clouds.

Tokuriki Tomikichirō (徳 力 富 吉 郎? ) Born on March 22 , 1902 in Kyoto and died 1st July 2000, is a Japanese artist and painter , belonging to the Sōsaku hanga and Shin-Hanga movements . He is considered to be the leader of the revival of Japanese printmaking in Kyoto.


Condition: Print color saturation and overall condition is very good. Margins as shown. Print is not backed. Some discoloration on left edge due to sunlight.

1939 - 40.

Publisher: Uchida