Fifty-four Modern Feelings

Umegae, Chapter 32

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Kunichika Toyohara

Fifty-four Modern Feelings - Terrific woodblock from a series based on the 1828 novel "A False Murasaki's Country Genji," a parody of the famous "Tale of Genji." Kunichika has illustrated the chapters of the story with updated, modern beauties dressed in the contemporary fashions of the day. These lovely designs include women in scenes from everyday life, from an elegant courtesan dressing and beauties writing poems or arranging flowers, to a wife preparing a meal or watching a child. Beautifully detailed with lively color and fine architectural or landscape settings, these attractive designs would make wonderful framed displays. Many feature soft shading, delicate embossing, or touches of burnishing. A great choice for a collector interested in this classic tale.


"Genji Goju-yo Jo" (Fifty-four Modern Feelings). No.32. "Umegae". The word, Genji, is punned with the Tale of Genji. The popular Genji subjects were applied to the modern-day scenery. Tea ceremony.