The Other Hiroshige - Hiroshige II

The Other Hiroshige - Hiroshige II

Hiroshige's student, Shigenobu, took his masters name after Hiroshige's death and marrying Hiroshige's daughter, Otatsu. He was very prolific in the 1850s creating beautiful prints that are very similar to his namesake. In 1865 he moved from Edo to Yokohama in 1865 after dissolving his marriage and began using the name Kisai Risshō.

The concept of apprenticeship is very well known. The carpenter or even insurance salesman, can train a protege and transfer the business to him/her at some point. But it is fascinating to me that an artist can pick up his mentors craft and execute it in such a similar manner. The composition, subject matter and overall treatment of Hiroshige IIs work is very much in line with Hiroshige. The only thing I find lacking is the personal touches, the humor, the connection and balance with the human element. Hiroshige II seems more distant from the populace.

examples of Hiroshige II prints

Above: Four examples of Hiroshige II's prints. From left to right Shimonoseki in Nagato Province, Aoi Slope, Tokaido Kanaya, Kintai Bridge.


Please check out our video on the "3 Hiroshiges" on YouTube.

I will continue to look for, learn about, collect, and appreciate Hiroshige II since I believe he is the true successor to Hiroshige's artistic legacy.

Happy Collecting!

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