Question: HELP I'm having problems ordering.

Answer: Apologies if you're having any trouble ordering, please contact us using the contact form and we'll get your issue solved asap.

Question: Where do your woodblock prints come from? 

Answer: Our prints are curated from a variety of sources. These sources include Japanese sellers, online auction houses, and other private galleries. We source our prints from reputable sources, and we always do our own research to establish provenance.

Question: I am new to woodblock print collecting, how do I know what to buy? 

Answer: We recommend you search for and collect prints that aesthetically appeal to you. The wonderful thing about woodblock prints is that there is something for everyone. If you like samurai, beautiful women, landscapes, animals, action, historical stories, ghosts and fantasy, each one of these genres and more are represented by Japanese woodblock artists. 

Once you find the genres you like, determine if you want original prints or more modern reprints. The price on these vary wildly. Purchase your prints from a reputable dealer. You should watch our video about why to collect Japanese woodblock prints

Question: How do you package and send your prints?

Answer: Our prints are packaged in acid-free paper, and sandwiched between rigid cardboard to protect against bending. We prefer to ship via UPS. If your print arrives damaged we will accept returns and refund your purchase price.

Question: Do you buy woodblock prints from individual sellers?

Answer: Yes, we are happy to review any woodblock prints that a seller may have and if they fit our purchasing criteria we will buy them.

Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes we can. The automatic cost is about $42 to cover shipping, handling and insurance.  

Question: Do you have any social media accounts?

Answer: Yes, we have a YouTube channel here. We also have an Instagram account here.   Our Facebook page is here

Question: Do you accept Crypto-currency?

Answer: Yes, we have a shop on OpenSea.io and currently accept Bitcoin and Etherium. You'll have to contact us to arrange these payments.

Question: How do you price your prints?

Answer: We research what similar quality prints previously sold for, at auction, etc., and use that as one factor. Another factor is what we paid for the print. If you do some research you may find some of our pricing up to 50% lower than other galleries and auction sales. Overall I believe we offer the best value for woodblock print collectors.


If you have a question you'd like to see on this woodblock print FAQ, please let us know.