Famous Restaurants from the Eastern Capital

Famous Restaurants from the Eastern Capital

This exciting collaborative restaurant series was designed by Kunisada (Toyokuni III) and Ando Hiroshige in 1852/53. Tōto kōmei kaiseki tsukushi (東都高名会席尽). The series was published by Fujiokaya Keijiro. View pictures of most of the prints at the Kunisada.de website. Kunisada designed the actor images in the foreground, while Hiroshige designed the inset landscapes, likely representing scenes near the respective restaurants. Our collection consists of about 20 of the 50 prints from this series. For more insights, check our YouTube video on Japanese Restaurant Prints. Fans of this collaboration might also appreciate the Kunisada and Hiroshige series “The 53 Stations by Two Brushes” - a beautiful collection. The prints are not presented in a particular sequence.

Nakamura Utaemon IV as Kiyomori

Kunisada and Hiroshige

Onoe Kikugorô III as Kinukawa Yoemon. Restaurant: Daishichi


restaurant japanese print

restaurant japanese print

restaurant japanese print

restaurant japanese print

Nakamura Utaemon IV as Hashiba Hisayoshi.

Restaurant: Umegawa in Yanagibashi.

Kinoeneya, place: Mukojima-mazaki

The Iseta Restaurant

Chûshuntei Restaurant

Restaurant: Sugisaka, place: Genyadana

restaurant: Uota, place: Nihonbashi koamicho

The Kozakura Restaurant: Iwai Hanshiro VI as Shirai Gonpachi

Fujiya on the coast of Susaki

Famous Restaurants of the Eastern Capital / The Momokawaro Restaurant:

Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami

Restaurant: Hyakuseiki in Jinzaemoncho, Shinyoshicho

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