Kunichika - 36 Good and Evil Beauties

These prints of good and evil women from Japanese history (善悪三拾六美人) is my favorite Kunichika series. I have about 32 of the 36 in the series. The designs are fantastic, with energy and emotion. The print quality, detail and use of color is outstanding. On each print is a cartouche explaining the woman's story. In this series Kunichika breaks from tradition and presents women as individuals and not archetypes. Certainly one of Kunichika’s most fascinating series. Published by Morimoto Janzaburo in 1876. Note: The prints in this collection below are not for sale BUT we may have some duplicates for sale if you do a search for prints from this artist.


good and evil 4
good and evil 5
good and evil 1
good and evil 2
good and evil 3
Kesa Gozen 善悪三拾六美人
muraoka 善悪三拾六美人
36 beauties 善悪三拾六美人
36 good and evil
thirty-six good and evil
36 evil beauties
36 goodandevil 善悪三拾六美人
dhaki the strangler
komura at grave
36 goodand evil beauties kunichika 善悪三拾六美人
rock lady
thirty-six good and evil beauties
kunichika beauties
toyohara kunichika beauties 善悪三拾六美人
evil beauty on boat
evil and good women
good and evil beauties by kunichika
good and evil beauties
good and evil beauties
36 good and evil beauties poet
toyohara kunichika women
Kunichika evil beauty
example of good and evil beauties
women fighting bandit