Kunichika - Thirty-six Modern Restaurants

This complete series, published in 1877-1878, demonstrates the commercial ties between businesses, in this case restaurants, and popular artists of the day. Kunichika portrays thirty-six of the most popular restaurants in Japan (actually 37). These prints focus on the interior and exterior architecture, views from the restaurant, attractive customers and restaurant staff, we seldom see actual food. The designs are bold, colorful and provide a snapshot of the fine restaurants and habits of the time. To read more about restaurant themed prints by Kunichika and other artists, please check our blogNote: The prints in this collection below are not for sale BUT we may have some duplicates for sale if you do a search for prints from this artist.


jusenro restaurant  三十六会席
Yaozen restaurant
Daishichi restaurant  三十六会席
Yoshicho restaurant  三十六会席
kagetsuro restaurant  三十六会席
Manjuro restaurant
Hirasei restaurant
Ojiya restaurant  三十六会席
Yojuro restaurant
Uemoto restaurant  三十六会席
Hanakiyo restaurant
Ryukoteki restaurant
isegen restaurant
Hiraiwa restaurant
Fukumoto restaurant  三十六会席
Shoeiro restaurant  三十六会席
kaikaro restaurant
Chikamoto restaurant  三十六会席
Shimayaso restaurant  三十六会席
Kurumaya restaurant  三十六会席
Nakamuraya restaurant
Baisa restaurant
Matsukaze restaurant
Manrin restaurant
Tomoeya restaurant
Riding in a Rickshaw
36 modern kaiseki
36 modern restaurants
thirty six modern restaurants by Kunichika
36 restaurants tokyo
thirty-six modern restaurants
thirty-six modern japanese restaurants
geisha at restaurant
geisha going into restaurant
Two Geisha on boat
36 modern restaurants frontspiece
Yaomatsu Restaurant at Makurabashi