Ariel Valencia Navarro: Collecting is a Fascinating Journey

Ariel has been collecting woodblock prints since 2017. Ariel is also an artist and holds a B.A. and Masters degree. In addition to woodblock prints, Ariel also collects oriental rugs, engravings and ceramics. He started collecting the objects that were depicted in the prints.

What appeals to him about Ukiyo-e is the fine, precise, line work and colors combined with the tactile quality of the prints.

His tips for new collectors are:

  • Do your homework, try to find books on your favorite artists and prints - it will be very useful. 
  • Buy what you really like. If you see an opportunity to acquire a print you really like, get it even if it’s costly, because years may pass until another appears and you will regret it.

Ariel believes that collecting is a fascinating journey that never ceases to amaze him. 

His top woodblock artists are Kunichika, Eisui, Hiroshige, Kunisada III, Hokusai, Gekko, Chikanobu, and Harunobu. Below are some of his favorite prints.


Favorite Prints

Torii Kiyomasu (Kiyomasu I)Eagle on a Cliff
Torii Kiyomasu (Kiyomasu I), Japanese, active ca. 1696–1716 Eagle on a Cliff by a Paulownia Tree (Adachi 1930 reprint)
The Cry of the Stag: Harunobu


Ogata Gekko: Zhang Liang
Ogata Gekko: Zhang Liang receiving a handscroll of generalship from Huang Shi, 1892