Gary: A Passionate Shin-hanga Ukiyo-e Collector

Gary: A Passionate Shin-hanga Ukiyo-e Collector

Gary has been collecting woodblock prints for 35+ years. He prefers Shin-hanga to ukiyo-e prints from the Edo and Meji eras. His favorite Shin-hanga artists are: Kawasei Hasui, Shiro Kasamatsu, Shotei, Tsuchiya Koitsu, Muto Katei, Natori Shunsen, and others.

Gary also very much likes Sosaku Hanga artist Mitsuhiro Unno whose works were self-drawn, self-carved, and self-printed. Mitsuhiro Unno's "Field Viewed From Porch" (see print below) is displayed on Gary's living room wall.

Gary's advice to new woodblock collectors is:

Study, learn, and learn some more. Get to know how to date a print. Learn about various publisher seals and artist signatures. These days the market is being flooded with very recent printings, but using the original publication dates. So buyer must beware…

Buy what appeals to you. I have prints from MANY different artists. Keep then in archival portfolios. 

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Favorite prints:

Mitsuhiro Unno
Mitsuhiro Unno "Field Viewed From Porch"


Tsuchiya Koitsu Sarusawa Pond at Nara
Tsuchiya Koitsu "Sarusawa Pond at Nara"


Kawasei Hasui “Zojoji Temple, Shiba”
Kawasei Hasui "Zojoji Temple, Shiba" (Watanabe B seal)
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