Jax: Shin-Hanga Fan

Jax: Shin-Hanga Fan

Jax has been collecting woodblock prints for the past 2 years. He likes Shin-Hanga the most, but will collect almost any print, in a range of conditions. His favorite artists are Hokusai, Hiroshige, Takeji Asano, and Utamaro. Takeji Asano was born in 1900 in Kyoto. One of his teachers was Tsuchida Bakusen. Takeji Asano became a leading painter and print artist of the sosaku hanga art movement. There are two of his prints displayed below.

Jax was attracted to ukiyo-e by the uniqueness of the process of making the art, as well as the aesthetics. His advice to collectors is

"Only buy within your means, and be patient, a great print comes quite often."

You can find Jax on Reddit at https://www.reddit.com/user/Accomplished-Dragon


Following are some of Jax's favorite prints:


Rain in Shinyodo
Rain in Shinyodo - Takeji Asano


Rain in Higashi-Honganji
Rain in Higashi-Honganji - Takeji Asano


Aoyagi Restaurant
Aoyagi Restaurant - Hiroshige
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