Milton M Ong: Collector of Warrior Prints Since 1980

Milton M Ong: Collector of Warrior Prints Since 1980

Collector Milton M Ong is a former US Army Major and has been collecting since 1980. Milton collects all forms of Asian art, particularly pieces from Japan and China. Items in his collection include Japanese hawk paintings, Chinese ceramics, and Japanese armor, swords and related arts. Milton's philosophy is to "collect what appeals to you".

As for Ukiyo-e, Milton has an impressive collection. He likes the various themes present in Ukiyoe, especially warrior prints (musha-e) such as the 47 Ronin series. Prints by Kuniyoshi, and the "100 Aspects of the Moon" series by Yoshitoshi are also some of his favorites.

You can look for Milton on Facebook, where he is active in the Ukiyoe print groups.


Below are some photos from Milton's collection.




collage milton ong
Photos of Yoshitoshi and Kuniyoshi prints from Milton M Ong's collection
100 aspects
Yoshitoshi: Musashi Plain Moon - 1892


kuniyoshi 47 samurai

No. 44, Mase Chûdayû Masaaki, from the series Stories of the True Loyalty of the Faithful Samurai (Seichû gishi den) 1847

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