Nicolas Barascud - Ukiyo-e Collector

Nicolas Barascud - Ukiyo-e Collector

Nicolas Barascud has been an enthusiast of Japanese culture since he was 15, starting with his first purchase of a Japanese sword. His passion has evolved over the years, leading him into the world of Ukiyo-e collecting just one year ago. His interest specifically lies in the Edo period, a time renowned for its cultural and artistic flourishing in Japan.

Nicolas is particularly drawn to the works of Yoshitsuya and Kuniyoshi. You can see three of his favorite works below. These pieces not only reflect his passion for Japanese art but also his interest in the stories and history behind each print.

For Nicolas, collecting Ukiyo-e is more than acquiring art; it's about understanding the context and the narratives that each piece represents. He suggests that novice collectors immerse themselves in books about Ukiyo-e to gain a deeper appreciation and knowledge of this art form.

He shares his journey and the stories behind his collection on his Instagram page, @ukiyo.ecollect, where followers can see his latest acquisitions and learn about Ukiyo-e art. 

Nicolas' advice for those starting in Ukiyo-e collecting emphasizes the importance of research and developing an understanding of the historical and cultural significance behind the prints. His approach to collecting is rooted in a genuine passion for Japanese culture and a desire to delve into the stories of the Edo period through the art of Ukiyo-e.


Following are some of Nicolas' favorite prints:

Utagawa Kuniyoshi | Kyusenpo Sakucho from Series Tsuzoku Suikoden goketsu hyakuhachinin no hitori (One of the 108 Heroes of the Popular Water Margin)

Fujiwara Hidesato tuant le mille-pattes géant, Yoshikazu


Le joueur de flûte et le dragon, Yoshitsuya


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