Richard Wilk: Collector of Violent, Magical, & Angry Women

Richard Wilk has been collecting ukiyo-e for 49 years. He is a retired professor of anthropology and food studies with many publications to his name. Richard thinks that woodblock prints are beautiful, and also a great way to learn about Kabuki, Japanese history and culture. His favorite ukiyo-e artists are; Chikanobu, Kunichika, and Toyokuni III. He mainly collects images of violent, magical, and angry women, and women engaged in martial arts. Richard's main advice to collectors is to

Find a theme that grabs you.


Following are some of Richard's favorite ukiyo-e prints.

Bando Shuka
Bandô Shûka I as the Female Bandit Omatsu (Toyokuni III)


sumitsu kaja
Ichikawa Ichizō III as Sumitsu kaja Yoshitaka (Toyokuni III)
Princess Toyotama
Princess Toyotama gives birth to the divine Prince Ugayafuki Aezu by turning from her human form into a dragon (Chikanobu)