Sjoerd Bakker: Artist Influenced by Japanese Prints

Sjoerd Bakker: Artist Influenced by Japanese Prints

Sjoerd Bakker studied at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, and is highly fascinated by Southeast Asia and Japan. In his graphic works the influence is clearly recognizable due to the simplicity of form and color. His works are usually elongated in shape, reminiscent of traditional Japanese prints. A note from the artist states,

"A travel to Japan long ago led me eventually to a small wooden house at the foot of Fuji-san, the sacred mountain of the nation. Three months I was there and it [changed me permanently] in the artistic sense. After many years I returned [again] to this country, and have made many trips and often exhibited. The nature is beautiful, it was often the starting point for my etchings and paintings. In the foreground: object, or a trace of human presence or absence." 

Sjoerd had art shows in Japan and sold many prints.  He has been collecting prints for 30 years. Being an artist, Sjoerd can really appreciate the images and the craftsmanship that went into producing them. He believes the prints are even more amazing when we consider that this quality of product was made for the common people and sold inexpensively at the time. 

Sjoerd’s advice for collectors is:

  • Go for the image and not for the name of the artist.
  • A print slightly damaged but well framed can bring you joy.
  • Be kind to your prints since they do not like the bright sun.
  • Change your prints so that you don’t see the same one every day.
  • Always check the back of the print to confirm that it's real.

Sjoerd didn't provide a list of Japanese artists or prints that he likes, so we are showing some of Sjoerd's prints. They are beautiful and we can really see the Japanese influence.


Favorite Prints

sjoerd bakker prints


bakker landscape


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