Antonis and Gabriel: The Eclectic Kentoni Collection

Antonis and Gabriel: The Eclectic Kentoni Collection

Antonis and Gabriel are two artists and researchers who study art based subjects. They are keen on promoting a healthy cultural exchange between people. For the past 3 years they have been curating a collection of objects to be used as an educational resource for the island of Cyprus, with the aim to become a physically accessible space in the future. Collecting provides the opportunity to connect with people from across the globe who appreciate and share this interest.

Antonis and Gabriel love discovering how each artist created their own niche within the same genre, establishing themselves with one subject that they excelled at. Also, as collectors of ukiyo-e paintings, it is fascinating to observe how some of these artists translated their skills for designing woodblocks into creating technically beautiful works on silk and other materials. You can see their fascinating and eclectic collection online at

Their favorite artists are; Hiroshige, Eisen, Eishi, and Yoshitoshi. Their advice to collectors is:

We understand the thrill of hunting and pursuing those designs that appeal most to you. As these works often come around in rotation, you can chase them a bit. You should however avoid overpaying for anything you might regret later. Colour and condition of the print play a crucial role in its aesthetics - make sure you know what you're getting. 

Following are some of their favorite ukiyo-e prints:

Lu Zhishen - Yoshitoshi
Yoshitoshi - Print of Rochishin in a Drunken Rage Demolishing a Guardian Statue on Mount Godai


Eishi - Amusements of the Four Seasons
Eishi - Amusements of the Four Seasons in the Pleasure Quarters: Hanaōgi and Kasugano of the Gomeirō, with the apprentice Kumegawa


Hiroshige - Moon Viewing Point
Hiroshige - Moon Viewing Point
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