Tim Zernick: Excited to Build An Ukiyo-e Collection

Tim is a new Ukiyo-e collector, having only started in 2021. He already has a large art collection so Japanese woodblock prints are another step on his art collecting journey. He was initially drawn to woodblock prints because the stories behind the art are so complex. 

Tim’s favorite Japanese artists are Kuniyoshi and Yoshitoshi. His one piece of collecting advice is:

"Don’t do what I did, buy before researching."

He is excited about adding more prints to his collection.


Favorite Prints

musashi plain - yoshitoshi
Yoshitoshi: The Moon on Musashi Plain - Series: 100 Views of the Moon


kuniyoshi warrior
Utagawa Kuniyoshi - The Great Battle between Takeda and Uesugi at Kawanakajima


kuniyoshi musha-e
Utagawa Kuniyoshi - Saienshi Chosei from 108 Heroes of Suikoden