Vacaliebres: Graphic Designer and Print Collector

Vacaliebres, is a print collector and graphic designer living in Genoa, Italy. Genoa is where the Edoardo Chiossone Museum is based. It houses an important collection of 15,000 pieces of Asian art, one of the most significative collections in Europe and in Italy. Besides collecting Japanese art, he is a talented graphic designer. You can see his portfolio on his website at

Vacaliebres has been collecting since 2019 and has been interested in Japanese visual art since he attended art school. There are many things that Vacaliebres appreciates about Ukiyoe, the essentiality of the design, the clean aspect of the compositions, the ritual of traditional gestures, all of these are the sum of Japanese thought.

His tip for novice collectors is:

Be curious, read a lot about Japanese thought - this will unveil many aspects of this wonderful art, and keep learning!

He currently has 30 prints. His favorite artists are: Toyohara Kunichika, Kikugawa Eizan, Tsukiyoka Yoshitoshi, and Eiho Hirezaki.

Following are some of his favorite prints:

Morning Hair by Torii Kotondo - 朝寝髪


Asakusa Sanja Matsuri
Kunichika - 1872. Kabuki Actors Carrying a Mikoshi Shrine in Festival


Kasane and Yoemon" diptych by Toyohara Kunichika Actors
Kasane and Yoemon" diptych by Toyohara Kunichika Actors Nakamura Shikan as Yoemon (R) and Sawamura Tanosuke as Kasane (L)