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Kunisada - Jiraiya Goketsu Tango

Kunisada - Jiraiya Goketsu Tango

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Unusual crepe paper print. A scene from the kabuki play that takes place in Hakone Hell Valley The characters: "Yatsubotaro", "Thief Jiraiya", "Kugami Kazehei", "Kanpachi of Shellfish" 八ツ房太郎」「盗賊児雷也」「久上の風平」「貝足の冠八

Date: 1852

Publisher: Wakasaya   Yoichi 

Condition: Very good color and impression, not backed, margins as shown.{%22subDB_id%22:%2252%22,%22id%22:%22190731;1%22}&lang=en

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