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Chikanobu - Sagami, Moon Over Kamakura

Chikanobu - Sagami, Moon Over Kamakura

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Yōshū Chikanobu
Series: Snow, Moon Flower (Setsu gekka).

Omori Hikoshichi. Number 28 in the series. The 11th C. warrior Omori Hikoshichi had rescued Princess Chihaya, daughter of his former enemy Kusunoki Masashige. As Hikoshichi carried her across a river, he noticed in her reflection that she had horns and had transformed into a demon, intent on avenging her father’s death. This is from the Tale of the Taiheiki. In this print the “horns” on the beautiful princess are merely paper hair ornaments, but when we look closely at the reflection in the water we see a terrible demoness. There are many ancient Japanese tales of beautiful young women not being trustworthy, hiding ulterior motives. 


Condition: Good impression and color, some stains as shown.

Dimensions: ôban

Date: 1884

Publisher: Kobayashi Tetsujiro

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