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Ogura Nazorae Hyakunin Isshu

Ogura Nazorae Hyakunin Isshu

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Kuniyoshi Utagawa


Ornamental Papers Patterned After the 100 Poets. Ogura nazora-e Hyaku-nin isshu. This series comprises of 35 prints by Hiroshige, 51 by Kuniyoshi and 14 by Kunisada (signed Toyokuni). Hako-o-maru, one of Soga Brothers, found his late father's clothes and a letter.

A poem by Sarumaru Tayu. "In the deep mountains, treading through the fallen red maple leaves, a stag calls. When I hear his lonely cry, I feel how sad the autumn is.".


Condition: Some dirt but overall very good quality, not backed.

Date: 1845-1849

Publisher: Ibaya Sensaburō

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