Ikegami - Edo Meisho Zue

Ikegami - Edo Meisho Zue

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Hiroshige II

Title Ikegami – The grounds of Honmonji Temple


'Edo meishō zue (江戸 名勝 圖會 - Views of Famous Places in Edo)'. (The title is now usually written with the kanji 江戸 名所 図会.) Edo was renamed Tōkyō shortly after this series was produced. The series dates from the middle of Hiroshige II's career, when he was in his mid-thirties (thirty-five to thirty-seven years old). At this point, he was using the name 'Hiroshige', since his master Hiroshige I had died (in 1858), and Hiroshige II had taken over the gō 'Hiroshige'; the prints in this series are signed 'Hiroshige'.


The series title is in the vertical rectangular cartouche in the top right corner; the title of each individual print is on the right-hand edge of the horizontal rectangular cartouche.


Date: 8/1862

Publisher: Fujiokaya Keijiro