Kusunoki Masashige reads to his troops at Shitennoji Temple.

Kusunoki Masashige reads to his troops at Shitennoji Temple

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A Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan (#19)


This series dates from a 5-6 year period in Yoshitoshi's career of much personal and financial difficulty. Although well known and reasonably productive, Yoshitoshi went through several periods where he was quite destitute and dependant upon supporters for upkeep.


The series, 'Mirror if Famous Generals of Japan,' was very well received, and sold well. The series features images of warriors from throughout Japan's history with accompanying text. Many editions appear to have been issued, with differing color schemes and quality of impressions.


Condition: Print color saturation and overall condition is very good. Margins as shown. No tears or holes. Print is backed with paper.

Date: 1878

Engravers: Hori Mina, Horiko Ota Hidekatsu

Publisher: Funazu Chujiro