Hiroshige II Processional Tokaido

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Hiroshige II 

Crossroads at Yokkaichi (Yokkaichi oiwake), from the series Scenes of Famous Places along the Tôkaidô Road (Tôkaidô meisho fûkei), also known as the Processional Tôkaidô (Gyôretsu Tôkaidô), here called Tôkaidô meisho no uchi「東海道名所之内 四日市 追分」

The Processional Tokaido - series done to commemorate the journey of the Shogun from Edo to Kyoto in 1863 to pay his respects to the Emperor. The Shogun's power was in decline at the time, and the procession had not been made for many years, so this was an important event.

Many different artists contributed designs for the series, including Kunisada, Yoshitoshi, and Hiroshige II. This fantastic collaboration resulted in a total of 162 prints by 16 artists, issued by 24 publishers. These lively images show the procession winding through the countryside, stopping at villages, or taking part in special festivities to celebrate the occasion. Many prints provide a panoramic view of lovely scenery.

Publisher: Kobayashi Tetsujirô (Maruya Tetsujirô) 

Date:  1863

Condition: Not backed, great color and impression, fraying on bottom edge as shown.