Imao Keinen: Keinan Kacho Gafu

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Imao Keinen

Woodblock print from the series: Keinan Kacho Gafu, or Bird and Flower Albums by Keinen, The woodblocks, were carved by Tanaka Jirokichi.

Imao Keinen (1845-1924) studied ukiyo-e and became a professor at the Kyoto Prefecture School of Painting in 1880. These prints, solidified his importance to Japanese art. Soon after their publication in 1891 he was made a member of the Imperial Household Art Committee and a Member of the Imperial Art Academy.

Date: 1890’s, Nishimura Sōzaemon version

Size: 10” x 14

Condition: Great color and impression, not backed, some light soiling, pin holes in the right margin. Annotated in Japanese in the left margin.