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Kunisada and Kyosai: Narumi and Miya - Tokaido

Kunisada and Kyosai: Narumi and Miya - Tokaido

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Kunisada and Kyosai

Actor Nakamura Utaemon as Hidari Jingorô, from the series The Fifty-three Stations of the Tôkaidô Road Divided between Two Famous Artists (Tôkaidô gojûsan eki meiga no kakiwake)

Each print of this series was co-designed by the two artists and represents two of the fifty-three towns along Japan’s main highway, the Tokaido. Landscapes are mixed with scenes from Kabuki plays. Kunisada, famed for his actor portraits, showed a top star, actor Nakamura Utaemon, in the role of a legendary sculptor; the much younger Kyōsai depicted the wooden image of a ferocious temple guardian that the sculptor is carving. Depictions of Niōs as entities come to life are frequent and the 16th century sculptor Hidari Jingoro was said to be so skilled that he could make his sculptures come to life.  Hidari Jingoro was a favorite character of Kyōsai's.


Condition: Very good color and impression. Not backed. Tear in border top right, insect damage repair on statue.

Publisher: Ôtaya Takichi 

Date: 1864

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