mg0081-Yoshiiku-The Filial Son - Tokyo Mainichi Shinbun-japanese-woodblock-print
Yoshiiku: The Filial Son - Tokyo Mainichi Shinbun

Yoshiiku: The Filial Son - Tokyo Mainichi Shinbun

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One of the more popular designs from this series. This is called The Filial son. It is said that a good son will fish for carp through ice and gather bamboo spouts through snow to return parental love. In this scene we see Takita Ikuemon, of Kagaminuma village in Fukushima, He hiked to the deep ravines of Naganumayama to fetch ice for his sick, elderly mother. The villagers then awarded him with some money. I really like this composition, the way Yoshiiku pictured him actively scaling down the mountain. Tokyo Mainichi Shimbun No. 322.


Publisher: Gusokuya Kahei 

Size: 35.4 x 23.8 cm 

Condition: Great impression and color. Margins as shown, not backed. 

Date: 1875