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Hiroshige - Silk Painting - Yahagi Bridge

Hiroshige - Silk Painting - Yahagi Bridge

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This is a unique, original, framed painting on silk attributed to Ando Hiroshige, of Yahagi Bridge. This was done around 1840 for preparation for the woodblock print of station number 38, Okazaki: Yahagi Bridge (Yahagi no hashi)", from the series The Fifty three Stations of The Tôkaidô Road. The painting is in a vintage frame under glass and under consignment by the current owner.

This painting originally came from the estate of Anna Freeborn Priestley, author of a book called "How to know Japanese colour prints", printed in 1927 by Doubleday in New York. Along with the print comes an original copy of her book. Priestley was a collector and connoisseur of Japanese art, and her book was one of the earliest and most accessible English-language introductions to Japanese prints. The book includes a detailed discussion of the history and techniques of Japanese printmaking, as well as an overview of the major artists and schools of the ukiyo-e tradition. It also provides guidance on how to identify and appreciate the various styles and themes of Japanese prints. The book contains many color illustrations.

Also included with this painting is a print by Hiroshige, published by Tsutaya Kichizō from the series "The Tōkaidō: Among the Fifty-three Stations”, also known as the "Tsutaya-ban Tōkaidō". Overall 7 in x 9 7/16 in; 17.8 cm x 24.0 cm. Directly above the artist's signature are two "nanushi" seals of the censors Mera Tai-ichirō (left) and Murata Sahei (right). The seal of publisher Tsutaya Kichizō of firm Kōeidō is at lower-left.

Silk painting attributed to Hiroshige: 1840’s. Painting has not been removed from frame. Frame included.  Painting was originally purchased at auction from Woodblock Prints World in 2017. This firm is located in Rocklin, California, and guarantees all items to be authentic. 

Okazaki: Yahagi Bridge print in frame. 1850. Print has not been removed from frame. Frame included.

Book: by Anna Freeborn Priestly. 1927

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