Yoshiiku: Okunu and Rikau - Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun

Yoshiiku: Okunu and Rikau - Tokyo Nichinichi Shinbun

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Color newspaper insert from issue #3. Harada Okinu murders her patron to pursue affair with actor Arashi Rikaku. She is executed, he serves time and resumes career.

Some 115 prints are now associated with the Tokyo nichinichi shinbun series, the majority of them by Ikkeisai Yoshiiku. These were color inserts in certain editions of the newspaper, created in order to boost sales. The prints usually told of unusual, salacious and violent incidents.


Publisher: Gusokuya Kahei 

Size: 35.4 x 23.8 cm 

Condition: Great impression and color. Margins as shown, not backed. 

Date: 1875