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Yoshitoshi: The Story of Okoma of Shirokiya

Yoshitoshi: The Story of Okoma of Shirokiya

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From the series "Shinsen Azuma Nishiki-e" (New Selections of Eastern Brocade Pictures). The Story of Okoma of Shirokiya. Otsune, runs a failing lumber-trading business called Shirokoya. Otsune needed her beautiful daughter Okuma to marry a rich husband who can save the failing company. However, Okuma is in love with Chûshichi, an employee at Shirokoya. Okuma asks Chûshichi to run away with her, but he hesitates due to his loyalty to the company. Now enter a cunning hairdresser named Shinza who overhears their conversation and sees an opportunity to make money. He convinces Chûshichi to follow Okuma's plan of eloping. Shinza plans to be the hero who saves Okuma and expects a reward from Otsune. Shinza ends up kidnapping Okuma - but she is saved at the end and Shinza is killed.


Publisher: Tsunashima Kamekichi.

Size: 18.5 inches x 13.8 inches

Date: 1886

Condition: Excellent impression and color, borders as shown. Print is backed, 2 separate sheets - see images

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