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Kunisada II: Kannon Reikenki - No. 4

Kunisada II: Kannon Reikenki - No. 4

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Kunisada II and Hiroshige II  

Makinoo-dera in Izumi Province, No. 4 of the Saikoku Pilgrimage Route (Saikoku junrei yonban Izumi Makinoo-dera), from the series Miracles of Kannon (Kannon reigenki)


Izumi Makioji Temple Miyamajiya Hihara

Matsubara Wake Ikeba Oyama of Maki no Oyama The principal image of worship Yukimitsu Shonin Founder of Thousand Armed Kannon At the time Empress Komyo was in Urata, Izumi County / There was a person named Chikaijin / Miyazato When you can live in Takiyama, believing in the Buddha's vehicle / A deer comes and licks the priest's urine and becomes pregnant / Finally gives birth to a girl / The priest's son-in-law takes care of him / Originally If I become a poor farmer / That girl / Seven years old in May / Tomo Nahito is planting rice fields / Fujiwara Fuhito from the capital / As an imperial messenger / A pilgrimage to Makio-ji Temple Where / I received the spirit of Kanzeon / On my way home / I saw a girl on the way home / To the gay who shined from the body of the white ball / I was suddenly precious / I was begged by my son to bring me / To the emperor's side Serving Meshikoro/Gosho Atsukari Shikaba/Standing at the Empress in August of the first year of Tenpyo/In other words, this is/Empress Komyo/Your body is related to Buddhism. Mahishikoto who erected / A mysterious miracle


Condition: Very good, not backed, cropped as shown.


Publisher: Yamadaya Shôjirô 


Date: 1858

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