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Kunisada II - Kannon Reikenki - No. 7

Kunisada II - Kannon Reikenki - No. 7

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Kunisada II and Hiroshige II

Hôchô-ji on Mount Seitan at Ushibushi, No. 7 of the Chichibu Pilgrimage Route (Chichibu junrei shichiban Ushibushi Seitaizan Hôchô-ji), from the series Miracles of Kannon (Kannon reigenki)

「観音霊験記 秩父巡礼 七番 牛伏(うしぶし) 青苔山(せいたいざん) 法長寺(ほうちょうじ)」

Hogaku Who is the seed of sin and spilled snake

A certain lord of Hanazono castle / A certain retainer of Saemon no kami is a wild and evil person / Narishi participates in Masakado Soma's rebellion / Attacked by the government army in the forest in the third year of Tenkei / Shinohishi finally dies A monk / Kannon of this temple is carried around / To the boy who is avoiding the turmoil / The corpse of the chief retainer is buried. A long retainer's wife and children also escaped from a relative's family / That monk died in search of her husband's guard / Tell me about it, but it's a sad thing / Sometimes in the mound During the pilgrimage, the cattle of a relative's family / This wife and child, who have not given birth to the pigeons / To the mound for a day / To the mound / Kneel in front of the mound / Kneel in front of the mound / Cry tears / Shed human words /Then, I came to you, because you were my husband, and because of my nausea, I became a cow, and my wife and children became priests. After that, the wife and child / immediately let down their hair and became nuns to hear bad news about their husbands / only prayed to Kannon and finally turned into beasts / born to the holy people / mysterious spirits / experience


Condition: Good, not backed, a red kanji stamp on woman's face.


Publisher: Yamadaya Shôjirô 


Date: 1858

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