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Kunisada - Yaguchi Watari

Kunisada - Yaguchi Watari

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Diptych. Actors Ichikawa Kuzô II as Minase Rokurô, Nakamura Utaemon IV as Yura Hyôgonosuke, and Onoe Kikujirô II as Wife (Nyôbô) Minato, in Act III (Sandanme) of the Play Yaguchi Watari.

「矢口渡 三段目」「南瀬六郎」二代目市川九蔵、「由良兵庫之助」四代目中村歌右衛門、「女房みなと」二代目尾上菊次郎  

Publisher: Tsujiya Yasubei

Date: 1848 (Kôka 5/Kaei 1), 5th month

Condition: Good color and impression. Not backed, fold down center.

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