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Yoshiiku - Sculpture left knife Harukiza

Yoshiiku - Sculpture left knife Harukiza

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Actor: Ichikawa Udanji" in a kabuki play that premiered in 1860. It is a dance drama of Tokiwazu and Nagauta. The legend of Hidari Jingoro is that "the soul enters the doll" was made into a drama in various works, but the "Masterpiece Left Sword Kyo Doll" is still performed today. 彫刻左小刀 春木座 おやま人形 市川右団治

Date: 1893

Condition: 2 pieces of a diptych. Good color. Not backed or glued, some dirt.{%22subDB_id%22:%2252%22,%22id%22:%22196033;1%22}&lang=en

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