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Yoshitora - Shiranami Suikoden

Yoshitora - Shiranami Suikoden

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Actor playing a role of a character from the Suikoden tale. Note the amazing lion design on the kimono. Water Margin is one of the earliest Chinese novels written in vernacular Mandarin. It is also translated as Outlaws of the Marsh and All Men Are Brothers.

The tragic story, set in Northern Song dynasty (around 1120), tells of how a group of 108 outlaws gather at Mount Liang (or Liangshan Marsh) to rebel against the government. Later they are granted amnesty and enlisted by the government to resist the nomadic conquest of the Liao dynasty and other rebels. While the book's authorship is attributed to Shi Nai'an (1296–1372), there were references laid out in the book that did not exist until the Jiajing reign (1521-1567) of Ming dynasty, sparking a long-lasting academic debate on when it was actually written and which historical events the author had witnessed that inspired him to write the book.

Title of series : 白浪水滸傳


Condition: Good impression and color, print is not backed, cropped as shown, some small insect holes on top and right edge.

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