Kunichika - Niki Danjo

Kunichika - Niki Danjo

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Toyohara Kunichika

Actor playing the role of Niki Danjo, a classic Kabuki villain in the play Meiboku Sendai Hagi (Troubles in the Date Clan). The hand gesture represents a sword and sheath ( Kuji - “Kuji Self-Defense Method”). Unusual face on pose.

In this Kabuki play, Meiboku sendai hagi, a villainous character is transformed into a rat. At one point, the rat is hit over the head by the retainer and changes back to human form. You can see the blood on the forehead of the actor. The kimono is also nezumi-iro (gray) with a diamond shaped decoration. 

Condition: Good condition, some dirt and smudging, margins as shown, print is backed.

Date: 1887

Publisher: Akiyama Buemon