Kunisada - Kannon Reikenki - No. 20

Kunisada - Kannon Reikenki - No. 20

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Kunisada and Hiroshige II  

The story of Saint Gensan, Founder of the Temple: Stories of the Kan'non temples of western provinces "Kannon Reigen Ki" (The Stories of the Miracles by the Goddess Kannon) 観音霊験記

Kannon Pilgrimage Zempoji Temple, Yamashiro Province. A villager saved a baby, who was abandoned in a mountain, from a pack of wolves. The baby later became the high priest, Gensan Shonin.


Senju Kannon Kaisan Gensakujin Kaisan Gensakujin The superior is a person from Inshu. Of these, if my mother is tormented / I will throw it away in the mountains as an unscrupulous child / But neither birds nor beasts will harm this / I will not die even if I swallow three days' milk / I will pick up the villagers and raise them / When I was fifteen years old, I climbed Mt. Ei and shaved my hair / I heard my mother's death and came to Mt. The lord of this mountain, Achizakagami / Revealed as a hired husband / Also, tens of thousands of Inokas came and crushed the rock cave / The unevenness was made flat and the strange state / If you ask Tenshi / Finally, the Buddhist temple was built. / Living in the mountain of Jojin 74 years / March, 3rd year of Jotoku I'm lonely at the age of 117 with a fixed seal / If the condition changes further, people will finally worship / Rotten mother The Zaru is like the Kochiho seal of Echigo.

Condition: Very good, not backed, dirt on bottom border.

Publisher: Yamadaya Shôjirô 

Date: 1858