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Hiroshige III - Kinryuzan temple in Asakusa

Hiroshige III - Kinryuzan temple in Asakusa

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Utagawa Hiroshige III

Hiroshige III From the series "Tokyo Meisho Zue" ("Famous Places of Tokyo"). The small venders booths line up in the front yard of Kinryuzan temple in Asakusa.

Hiroshige III was - like Hiroshige II - a pupil of the great master Ando Hiroshige. After Hiroshige II was divorced from the daughter of Hiroshige I, he married her and called himself Hiroshige III and used the surname Ando. The work of Hiroshige III gives a highly interesting insight into the development of Japan after the opening to the outside world. Some of his works show subjects like for instance railway stations.

Date: 1868

Condition: Margins as shown, not backed, good condition.

Publisher: Asano Eizo.


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