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Kunisada - Actor Ichikawa Kodanji IV as Oniazami Seikichi

Kunisada - Actor Ichikawa Kodanji IV as Oniazami Seikichi

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Kunisada Utagawa

「鬼あざみ清吉」 四代目市川小団次

"Kosode Soga Azami no Ironui" is a program of Kabuki (traditional performing act). The Edo-Ichimuraza Troup first performed it in March 1858. Mokuami KAWATAKE is the author of this program made up of six acts.

It is based on a koshaku (narration of a story) about the robber Seikichi ONIBOZU, who was executed in 1805, and also includes the incident of Edo-jo Castle Gokinzo Yaburi (Theft of the shogun's gold) in 1856, anecdotes of the expert swordsman Monzo YAEGAKI, and the scene of the Soga brothers' encounter which was often performed as a new year's program. These days, the story of Seikichi and his courtesan Izayoi is extracted and performed under the title of "Satomoyo Azami no Ironui." This extracted version is known by the common title of "Izayoi Seishin."

Act One

The Inasegawa River scene. Robbers attack the Gokuraku-ji Temple in Kamakura, and take away 3,000 ryo (unit of mass and currency) of money that was donated by the shogun Yoritomo. In the process of an investigation, it turns out that the sexton Seishin-bo at the temple, who was in charge of accounting, has had a sexual relationship with a courtesan Izayoi at Ogiya, and he is expelled from Kamakura.

Seishin is aimlessly walking down Inasegawa Hyappongi, when Izayoi, who slipped out of the entertainment establishment, catches up with him, and the two attempt a double suicide by throwing themselves into the river. Seishin fails in his suicide attempt. He finds that a passer-by, Motome TERAZUKA, is suffering from a sudden stomachache and nurses him. Soon Seishin finds out that Motome is holding a large amount of money, 100 ryo. Seishin kills Motome and robs the money, thus he becomes a robber. Seishin has no idea that Motome was the younger brother of his courtesan Izayoi, and that the 100 ryo of money was a farewell gift to Seishin. Meanwhile a haiku poet Hakuren, who was fishing for ice fish, saves Izayoi.


Publisher: Enshûya Hikobei 

Play: Kosode Soga Azami no Ironui

Condition: Great color and impression. Not backed, cropped as shown.

Date: 1859

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