Yoshitoshi - Bando Hikozaburo V

Yoshitoshi - Bando Hikozaburo V

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From the series 'Kinsei Jimbutsushi (Personalities of Recent Times). The series features illustrations of a wide variety of personalities from contemporary, and historical times. The portraits are considered exceptional in execution relative to other news nishiki-e prints. The actor depicted in this print is Bando Hikozaburo V but I don’t know what part he’s playing it could be the famous pirate chief Kezori Kuemon. 

Yoshitoshi produced these prints as furoku, or supplements, to certain issues of the Yamato Newspaper. The prints were distributed to subscribers. 

These prints date from late in Yoshitoshi's career, during the time that he was producing his well-received masterpiece series, "One Hundred Aspects of the Moon" (1885-1892). At this time, Yoshitoshi was well established as a great artist, and his work was in high demand.

やまと新聞 第二百九十六号附録 やまと新聞附録 第十二 近世人物誌


Date: 1887 

Condition: Print color saturation and overall condition is excellent. Margins as shown. Print is not backed.